A year ago

A year ago today I was crying in my ex boyfriend’s bed because the day before I was drugged at a bar.

He said that it was my fault that I put myself in that situation. I should have been smarter. That it was my fault that a guy was trying to take me home with him despite the fact I had told him that I didn’t want to and that I was in a relationship.

I felt so down about myself that I just took it from him. I never stood up for myself that night because he said he was thinking about breaking up with me for being drugged and I didn’t want him too.

I know it’s not my fault. It never was. It’s not my fault that some asshole thought the only way he could get laid was by slipping something into an unsuspecting girl’s drink. It’s not my fault that I was drugged I didn’t bring it upon myself.

It took a long time to finally say something about what happened. I’m thankful that that that jerk never took me anywhere and that my friends were able to come bring me home.

I’m also thankful that we are no longer together, although I miss the good times we had, he betrayed and broke me in more ways than one and I know my worth now. I’m worth more.

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